Tuesday, April 27, 2010

State Employee Pay Grew 25% Above Inflation Since 1999

Saw a graph put out by the Mackinac Center with the heading:
Adjusted Compensation of Michigan Classified Employees

Started in 1999 at just under $75,000
2000 rising to $75,000
2001 rising to just over $75,000
2002 approx $77,500
2003 rising to $82,500
2004 dipping to $77,000
2005 rising to $84,000
2006 rising to $88,000
2007 dipping to $87,000
2008 rising to $92,000

The average state employee compensation package costs approximately $93,039 inflation-adjusted wages and benefits have increased 25 percent since fiscal 1999. The figures include the value of all benefits from state-paid retirement contributions to dry cleaning allowances.

The largest cost increases came from retirement benefits (which increased from $209 million in fiscal 1999 to $772 million in fiscal 2008) and health insurance (which increased from $273 million to $554 million during the same time frame.)

The wages and benefits of Michigan's over 50,000 employees cost taxpayers $4.7 billion in fiscal 2008. This is up from $3.2 billion in fiscal 1999, despite the state now employing 15 percent fewer workers.

(This entire report courtesy of Mackinac Center for Public Policy)

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