Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Canaries in Coal Mines, Comcast, Rainwater Taxes and Pct. Delegates

I have this eerie feeling that if the reason for the mine explosion in W Va was caused by methane, we're going to see all kinds of excuses masquerading as reasons as to what happened. I'm just old enough to know that before lots of new methods of measuring air quality, etc. they used to have canaries who could be sacrificed in case of bad air. Sometimes we put too much faith in machines and forget about the old fashioned but easy way to do it. I hope that's not the case.

Comcast and I are having lots of little discussions about putting in the little converters that allow cheapskates like me to be able to watch old analog TV sets, but it sure is a hassle. The first one was pretty simple, but I decided to switch out VCRs and my first mistake was trying to work a remote before both sets were set up and activated. That was the first call. Then called to activate and things were apparently OK until trying to change the channel on one. Second call. When everything looked really good, we got a message on one that said service was being interrupted for just a moment. Twenty minutes later I called again and there was a lock in place. Now I'm just going to wait until morning. Oh, dear......

Taxing Rainwater? Just before starting this I noticed I had a message from an outfit called Americans for Prosperity who described an EPA effort to wreak havoc on real estate developments under the guise of water run off, etc. So don't be surprised if this hits your very own Town Council or a City Commission near you.

Last, we're in the last weeks of being able to file to be on the August ballot and run for a precinct delegate post. Deadline is May 11. Jackson is having an ice cream social April 19 from 6-7:30 pm-no charge. Join us and we'll help you make out your Affidavit of Identity if it's giving you any trouble and notarize it for you.

The leaves are sprouting nicely--
Spring is clearly here,
God bless........

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