Sunday, April 4, 2010

People Track Pets; Government To Track People?

First things first: On April 1 we talked about the Race to the Top awards to Tennessee and Delaware. The pot of gold is $4.35 billion and I misspoke when I said they got either $5 million and $1 million or $50 to $10--a 5-1 ratio. I looked it up and the ratio was right, but I was way off on the money. It was $500 million and $100 million. That's a hefty reward for meeting what we hope will become common criteria to better the schools. Let's hope the unions decide to cooperate.

Now about these tracking devices. Apparently the Dept. of Justice has a test case going whereby they argue that folks have no expectation of privacy when they use or carry a cellphone. Therefore, triangulation can be used to determine the location of individuals.

The next step would be that any device implanted in anyone's body such as a pacemaker, pins or plates, etc. could be programmed just like the implants to find lost pets. Can anyone say "right to privacy?"

The activation of a National Medical Device Registry is noted in the Reconciliation portion and allows "postmarket device surveillance activities on implanted medical devices."

How does that grab you? Are their possibilities for all kinds of clandestine and unnecessary stake out types of activity in our future? Let us count the ways. Just think about it.

Hope you had a great Easter. The sky was blue and cloudless-who could ask for more?
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Anonymous said...

The prize for audacity in today's news has to be shared between the 150K going to Vermont for a salamander crossing and the free cell phones going to the underprivileged.