Sunday, April 25, 2010

Watching American History with Tears in My Eyes

We had looked forward to the programming on America on the History Channel this evening. The problem came when there was an introduction from the President who stressed that we should be looking forward to the changing of America still to come. It just didn't make sense--that we would be looking at one of the most inspirational stories in history and that our very own President can't wait to change it to whatever he has in mind.

What followed in the first half hour or so (we're up to April of 1775 now) were the demonstrations of strong people willing to face privation and work themselves to the dropping point and this spirit has been strong throughout the years. And now he wants to change it to a country where it is more important to redistribute wealth making more and more people dependent.
Go figure...

Which brings to mind the IMMIGRATION problem brought to everyone's attention by Arizona. Of course everyone has an opinion, but the one that concerns me the most is Cardinal Mahoney in California. He has been out there in the thick of it for something like twenty years now and of course he knew of its seriousness long before anyone in middle America.

It has always irritated me that instead of encouraging illegal activity and welcoming anyone who wanted to come and encouraging the Catholic community to accept and assist illegals it would have been so easy, when it was a small problem, to do something constructive about it. In my opinion he had the ears of all the clergy in North America and a good share of wealth in other countries and could have started the kind of assistance programs that would have enabled the Mexicans to start their own businesses and work up to industrial activity with the sky being the limit as in any pioneering arena.

Can anyone imagine the investments that might have been made by entrepreneurs if they could depend on others ' investments if across the world every Catholic family would have contributed $5 per year starting in 1975-1980 time frame? But no, he chose the old habit of making people dependent rather than teach them how to become self sufficient and able to take care of themselves. Disgusting!

Last item: Is everyone aware that one of the FEC Democrat member's last job was as the head of the U. S. legal team of about 100 lawyers with Deutsche Bank? Apparently he intends to recuse himself if anything comes up with the German bank, but not when it came to being the deciding vote to land on Goldman Sachs. His old job was doing for Deutsche Bank the collateralized debt obligations or CDOs which is exactly what the problem being pursued by the SEC. Does this pass the smell test?

WHY IS NO ONE CONCERNED WITH FANNIE AND FREDDIE?? Particularly with Dodd right in the middle of the whole thing.

Busy week coming up. Take care-
God bless..........

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