Sunday, April 18, 2010


Good grief! Can't they just get over it? There is nothing that cannot be justified without just saying that "Bush did it."

Some Congressman was being interviewed and the question had to do with some of the abysmal polling numbers. The guy first said he didn't follow polls. Then he said it was still too far away to matter and when his back was at the wall, he finally said in effect that everything was the result of the bad economy for which George W. Bush was responsible.

Put a sock in it!

This morning Donna Brazile was talking about the Tea Party demonizing all the Democrats and my only response, with the above typical blame game answer, is that the demonizing has been non stop against G W Bush ever since the election.

When the volcano stops, the next catastrophe will probably be laid at his feet as well. Other than that

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lola,
It is with great consternation to hear the Pentagon say that Iran will have the capability by 2015 to send a nuclear missile to us. Where is the defense if Obama killed the attempt to install missile defense in Poland and the Czech Republic? This on top of the announcement by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates telling us that we have no defense against Iran's nuclear bomb development.