Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Random Thoughts-


There will be a short term buying spree if it becomes the law of the land (God forbid) precipitated by folks making purchases of any big ticket item they believe they might need in the foreseeable future. Autos, kitchen appliances, prepaid services of any anticipated need, including home improvements and even things like memorial headstones will be put on the list of some consumers.

Those of us who don't keep much cash in savings accounts and such will certainly tap their 401Ks even though we'll have to pay income taxes -- it will probably be less than the added VAT. The buying spree to be followed by the inevitable downturn.

WHY CAN'T SARKOZY take a train or even drive to Poland for the funeral? It isn't as though he'd have to cross an ocean or anything. Some people will grab at any excuse.

Why do the citizens of so many European and selected countries so readily accept the fact that global warming is the result of human activity? It occurs to me that one of the reasons might be that the leadership is using the issue for many political reasons and tell them it's necessary. Why don't they question their leaders? I'm thinking that in a Socialist society where the government takes care of them from the cradle to the grave they have surrendered their rights to many freedoms including the freedom to think for themselves.

SAW AN ENORMOUS GARDEN TRACTOR sitting in the middle of a very small lot today and couldn't help thinking that a big boy just has to have his toys. Then it struck me that this property had changed hands within the last year and perhaps this was a senior citizen who moved to town from the farm and that's the only lawn mower he has. Hope so.

MARK SCHAUER NAME CALLING - Found out today that it was possible that the posting that started this may have been the bit about micro chips. Since that was a theorizing piece I can see where someone without an imagination might fail to see the potential problems I'm still concerned that under the guise of safety and protection of the public from say "chipping" parolees on tether it would be one more small step toward using it as a substitute for the Universal I D card so many liberals are thinking about. (It still doesn't excuse him from ridiculing in public a constituent. Bad form.)

Hope your weekend is going well-
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