Thursday, April 8, 2010

American Hospital Association - Warning!

Has put up ads for Mark Schauer and I presume all other Democrats in the state that are so sweet and sugary and thankful and lauding and praising the Congressman that if you get too close to the screen you may catch diabetes. Saw the first ones last evening.

When I called Allegiance Hospital today to find out if they were members of the association I was told indeed they are, but they have no control on what is happening. As it happens I was the third person who called today to complain. I took great care to tell her that she was only the messenger and that I was not criticizing her, but would appreciate her telling the folks in her Marketing Dept. that I will be telling my doctor that if any procedures or tests he recommends that he give me an alternative location to get the service.

As an aside, it is general knowledge in Jackson that the CEO of the local hospital and her husband, who has previously run for office, are staunch Democrats, so I am sure that she would not police any political activity resulting in support for Democrats. I certainly do not intend for any of the money I spend on medical expenses should go to Allegiance if there is any way to avoid it. I trust that you will not only do the same, but will help spread the word.

NUCLEAR POWER-Treaty to reduce bombs and delivery systems signed by the President, but there was a statement yesterday that will blow your socks off:

The President made the point to countries who do not presently have the capability of nuclear power that if they do not use nuclear against us, we will not retaliate with nuclear. Doesn't that beg the question? Hasn't he as much as told them that if they decide to use chemical or biological warfare systems against us we will have no way to defend ourselves? Isn't that an engraved invitation?

VAT-VALUE ADDED TAX/NATIONAL SALES TAX-Well, now we have it. The so-called experts are on record that there isn't enough money in the "wealthy pot of those whose incomes are over $250,000" to fund all the expenditures, certainly with the additional Trillion Dollars of health care and an increased deficit/debt situation. Surprise! We will have to include middle income, and the way I look at VAT and Sales taxes, even the very low income folks to try to make ends meet.

So when Obama said our taxes wouldn't go up one single dime, can we now call that a L-I-E? As mentioned earlier, the average tax increase on medical expenses by the Accounting Board will be $700 which I guess would be 7,000 dimes. And every time you buy something with VAT included or a national sales tax added start counting your dimes.

Woe is us--
God bless.......

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