Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Respect for Jihadists but not Americans?

1-What the heck is going on now? Schauaer and Obama ridicule and use sarcasm to put down citizens who are really not as stupid as they believe us to be, but the Prez is now going out of his way to be sure that we don't look askance at Muslim terrorists.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: "If you don't speak out against certain behaviors, it is logical to believe that you approve of that behavior." Does that ring any bells about the majority of Muslims who are silent? It makes me proud that the only ones who have spoken out against terrorist activities are many in the community in Michigan. They have stood tall as Americans who have spoken out. Our thanks to them, but I've never heard anyone in government recognize or compliment their behavior.

2-I'm not a meat person, but just to spite Jennifer and now those folks in San Francisco who want to have a weekly meatless day, I'm planning to have at least two extra servings a week. It's just more of the liberal left animal lovers (and I have never lived in a house without at least 1 dog and 1 cat) who think they should be making decisions for the rest of us dummies out here in fly over country.

3-Did you see any news on March 30 featuring an antiwar rally/protest with lefty liberals burning the American flag? Shades of the 60s and 70s. I had assumed those people had matured enough not to pass that kind of activity on to their kids. Sometimes it's just not possible to over estimate a grown up hippie. Bad, bad, bad.

4-I forgot to mention that the ice cream social on April 19 will feature Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land and Marlene Chockley from Washtenaw County who has the best record in the state on grassroots recruiting. Marlene is an inspiring young woman whom I have admired for many years. You'll be glad you made time for this event.

See you there!
God bless........

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Anonymous said...

Your are absolutely right, Lola. We have to speak out on the issues or be buried by them.
In regard to strained relations with Israel and Afghanistan on separate issues, the Obama people have accomplished the dubious distinction of being nice to our enemies and tough with our allies.