Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here's a Story About a Union Guy Who Voted for Obama

Seems my husband was in conversation with a group of fellas this afternoon and the conversation turned to health care and the infamous Obamacare result.

Most of those present were critical, but one guy who was a retired GM union worker, said he was really happy with the bill because he was really going to benefit.

My husband, who rarely gets into a discussion because he usually gets accused of being his wife's patsy, had apparently had enough. He said he just couldn't take any more, so he asked,

"Do you itemize your taxes?" The answer was in the affirmative so he followed up by saying, "Do you have enough medical deductions to qualify?" Again, he said, "Yes." To which my husband asked, "Did you know that the 7.5% floor has been changed to 10%?"

The guy said, "No way!" By the time he was convinced of the truth of the matter, he stuck out his hand making a fist and as he opened it palm up, he said, "Just when I think I have something, the d---- government takes it away and I'm left with nothing again!!!"

After the laughter subsided one of the men said, "Well, maybe you can now go to a palm reader and find out what else he has in store for you." And again there was much laughter........

Have a nice Sunday--
God bless..........

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