Thursday, October 1, 2009


Someone has started a group to try to get some justice for the owners of car dealerships whose businesses were stolen by GM and Chrysler and given to others. This whole car thing has been driving me nuts since January when we first wrote about it and before the nationalization of two companies General Motors and the give away of Chrysler to Fiat with the unions getting their payback from the President.

We can only hope that someone will see the fallacy of the President firing a CEO, and there's no other word for it--taking property without due process can be called nothing more or less than theft.

And as we said about another topic the other day, the receiver of stolen goods is as guilty as the thief. And they certainly can't say that they didn't know it was stolen goods because it made headlines in many newspapers and radio and television programs. Even worse than most fences they didn't even have to pay for their ill gotten gains. I remember seeing one guy with a Dodge dealership bragging about getting the Chrysler line from the guy across the street who used to be his competitor.

Even here in Jackson we saw Motor Quest lose out to EXtreme Dodge. How brazen can you get?

Let's wish them all the luck in the world. Even though Obama says the Constitution has some fundamental flaws, he doesn't have to be an accessory to throwing this kind of activity in our faces.

It should be obvious that this is a therapy post--needed to get that off my chest. Not only luck, but prayers should follow the dealership victims.

See you tomorrow-
God bless..........

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