Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Obama & Chicago Olympics a Done Deal?

Does this feel like a little deja vu? Sorta like when Jennifer took her trips to Japan to "do a selling job to get Japanese businesses to locate in Michigan?" And it became painfully obvious that the deals were complete before she left--that she certainly wouldn't have gone and taken the chance of embarrassment if she failed?

Well, looking at it that way, do you think the President would take a chance of failure and embarrassment in Denmark and having to return looking like he couldn't close the deal? If the fix isn't in, this is a total waste of resources from the time away from his job to the costs of the trip. Of course, it pales in comparison with the Clinton trip to China with 900 of his closest friends, but who's counting?

No matter what happens we can assume that he has now paid back a major part of what he owes the Democrat machine of Cook County and all the lobbyists and folks who were instrumental in his rise to power. Undoubtedly there are lots of profit to be made by his supporters who will champion the games and all the building trades unions and everyone who can make a buck will be very happy. The losers are the common people in Chicago and perhaps the state who will have to pay the bill after the games are over. Not many host cities have come out even at best.

One other thing. Back in the olden days we used to try to keep the Olympics on as much of an amateur basis as possible and certainly kept politics out of it as much as possible even though we do keep score by nationality. This kind of politics by leadership is just a bit unseemly. For someone who keeps apologizing for big, bad America it seems a lot like the ugly American syndrome revisited. Oh, well, there's no understanding what goes on in this administration. We're going backward in time to the parallels with the definition of is.

Whatever will be--
God bless...........

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