Monday, October 12, 2009


If you were King for a Day, what would you do politically? Personally?

Mike Bouchard says "I wish it were easy enough to wave a magic wand to get Michigan back to where it needs to be. I love this state. I was born and raised here and want my children and your children to have the choice and opportunity to have their futures here too. We can ensure a bright future for generations to come with focused and principled leadership. Unfortunately there's no magic wand and it's going to take a lot of hard work. To help me fix Lansing and get Michigan back to work, please visit"

Mike Cox says "The first thing I would do would be to bring Barry Sanders out of retirement to carry the Detroit Lions to a Super Bowl Championship.

I would reform government to bring jobs back to this state. I would implement 'Putting Michigan Back to Work: The First Steps' to make Michigan the kind of state that will keep my family and yours in Michigan. I would cut taxes $2 billion, right-size Michigan government and reform the regulatory process to make job-providers want to bring jobs to Michigan."

Senator Tom George, MD says "MAKE MICHIGAN HEALTHY!"

Rick Snyder says "I would give the Tigers a shot at the World Series by putting them in the playoffs.

In all seriousness I have no interest in being a king. Reinventing Michigan will take teamwork. We need citizens to take the future into their own hands. That is why I have launched the Run with Rick Campaign, to encourage more participation in all levels of government."

And there you have it. I truly hope that being able to compare the answers in this manner is helpful. In my estimation it's tough to try to compare general interviews.
And I hope you agree with me that question #10 gives us an opportunity to see whether or not our candidates have a sense of humor (which I think is the prime qualification for any public office) or whether they are all work all the time.

Are you at all curious about what I would do as Queen for a Day? Forget the logistics, but I'd make it possible for everyone who wanted the experience to have a hot air balloon ride. (My kids chipped in and gave me a Mother's Day present one year that cannot be topped. Smooth, quiet and close to God.)

I've frequently been asked who I am endorsing in these races and my stock answer is that in a primary, since I've been around for such a long time and have known many of these candidates for 20 years or longer, that it's like asking me to choose between my kids. Ultimately I will since even among my children I recognize their talents are all different and I'll let you know.

Next up will be the candidates for 7th District Congressman, but we'll wait until the field is fully formed. If you want to look back at the Secretary of State and Attorney General questions they can be found in June 6-9 and July 22-26.

Back to work tomorrow--
God bless.........

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