Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is There a Conspiracy?

How hard is it to go into a conspiracy mode when there is so much evidence demonstrating at least the potential?

It's no secret that those of us on the right have little faith in the Obama administration when letting no crisis go to waste is the watchword of his team. We know that Carville, Emanuel, Podesta and I forgot the fourth guy (was it Stephanopolous?) from the old Clinton team have a conference call every morning. Isn't it pretty obvious that they are still plotting and planning just like they used to?

We have so many crises it's hard to keep them straight, but it's obvious that they really don't have a handle on any of them. Afghanistan? Wasn't this supposed to be his signature effort for cover the safety front? Global warming? What's he going to do on that trip to Denmark? Cap and Trade? That choice has to be between the economy and unemployment/recession. A three for one, right? We heard the promise about the don't ask don't tell issue, but haven't seen any action yet. And of course there's always health care.

Health care seems to be the area where the conspiracies abound. It doesn't take much of a leap of faith to a conspiracy when we see that war is declared against the insurance companies, the Chamber of Commerce (which as far as I know also represents the 60% of employers comprised by small business) as well as the few major corporations they have blackmailed into quitting the Chamber, the doctor's organizations which represent way over half of the doctors (not just the ones hauled into the White House and given white coats for the press conference,) and now Fox News.

I received a veiled threat a few months ago and was told that there are programs which can search for key words or names. I had mentioned a book and apparently the author or contributor didn't like my reference to some of the subject matter. So what do you think will keep the Obama administration and other liberal legislators or bloggers with deep pockets to look at us little guys? All they have to do is file suit against us and of course we can't afford to defend against trumped up charges and we will disappear like morning fog.

So they are taking on Fox news to scare a large section of folks who value free speech and use it to try to point out aspects of issues they don't like. All I can say is, can you spell CENSORSHIP?

Keep your chins up, guys and gals--
God bless...........

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