Friday, October 16, 2009

South Carolina Mischief Makers

Darling daughter and husband from South Carolina popped in for a visit and with Lindsay Graham jumping ship and landing with Kerry being small stuff compared with all the Sanford and state politicians in general driving their constituents nuts. The rest of us should be getting very nervous. Look around the country.

Most of the time we're in the position of knowing who our enemies are and being able to plan strategically, but with the Tea Party Express feeling their oats and putting up their own candidates we may as well forget about making any gains in the mid term elections next year. Why? Because conservative independents and Republicans will split the vote 30/30 leaving the Democrats to win with 40%. It is an equation that works like clockwork. In fact, it looks like something which may came to the fore in the gubernatorial race here in Michigan as it did in the 7th district primary for Congress when Joe Schwartz won in a 5-way.

And how about the "no new taxes" pledge? We are now looking at the proposed taxation of financial transactions which will touch a very large group of people whose incomes are a lot less than $250,000 per year. Since there is a mandatory withdrawal of 401K retirement funds every year that means it will hit every retiree who makes any kind of transaction to make ends meet in their "golden years." And how about folks who change jobs and subsequently change their 401K investment firms? And how about every time we put some savings into a college fund for our kids and grandkids? Give me a break.

And how about the latest trial balloon being sent up to see what it will take to bribe senior citizens to continue supporting the President by giving them $250 as a substitute for the COLA? (Last time they tried a bribe many of us used the money to support candidates running against his supporters. TeeHee.) Spending more money that we don't have. Can you imagine borrowing $125 from China to bribe American seniors?

And wonder what fund is tapped to keep Air Force I in the air. Yesterday he made a campaign stop in San Francisco on his way to President Bush 41's event in Texas. That has to be the biggest toy in the toy box. Obama just loves to fly that airplane.

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