Sunday, October 4, 2009

Time to Eat Crow/Humble Pie

I'm thinking that the candidates for Governor in 2010 have much bigger fish to fry than a little old blog and a couple of hundred readers isn't worth their time and effort. And we do understand that with limited hours in a day and days in a week there are times when choices need to be made.

However, there is something to be said for common courtesy. The three candidates who indicated they would take part and didn't are Bouchard, George and Snyder. The two who never answered the invitation were Cox and Hoekstra, both of whom were left messages on their voice mail 2 or 3 times and at least 2 emails each. So you can make up your own mind how much we owe them our attention or support if they ever decide to ask for it.

I need to be honest. I informed them of the format used here and gave them the dates of the Sec. of State and Attorney General's interviews so they could look at them before they decided whether or not to participate. Perhaps what I thought was a good idea wasn't attractive to them and I apologize for letting you think that I would have a complete roster.

Participated in the annual Life Chain today and want to share with you some information about Planned Parenthood which was distributed. I'll just toss one in at the bottom of the postings for the next several days.

#1-"They are mobilizing to force taxpayer abortion funding through mandated government health care and holding President Obama to his promise in 2007 'that funding for reproductive care, including abortion, would be 'at the heart' of our health care plan and that the 'public plan' would cover such services."

God bless..........

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Cynical Synapse said...

Hoekstra is one of three Michigan representatives who changed their votes from no to yes after the Senate added another $100 billion to the Wall Street bailout. He was obviously bought and doesn't deserve to be Michigan governor, let alone continue to represent his district.

As for the other two? Voters gave Knollenberg the boot in a rare turnout of thinking voters instead of sheeple. Sadly, Kilpatrick was overwhelmingly re-elected despite the problems of her darling son. Never mind it's highly unlikely her constituents benefited from the Wall Street bailout.