Monday, October 26, 2009


Okay, gang-

We've known that they have the numbers to pass whatever kind of "universal health care" they want and that even though they talked about partisan input there was no chance for that to happen;

We know that the senior citizens/Medicare patients will be the first to feel the pain;

We know that there will be rationing of care for everyone;

We know that even though there is either just under or just over a $ trillion price tag and there will still be 15-25 million uninsured depending on whose numbers you use;

We know many businesses will be fined or pushed to the brink necessitating sending their employees into the public option;

We know there will probably be federal dollars in the offing for abortions;

We know that doctors will be getting the short end of the stick and tort lawyers will continue to be protected;


Today we heard that there is the possibility that states may be able to opt out of the plan. Methinks that might be the silver lining in the cloud.

Right this minute I don't know exactly where to start, and we know that there are time constraints involved in the project, but we need to get together with those who know how to write the proper language, get the printing done and the proper approvals for the language for a state referendum whereby the people can force the politicians to do the right thing. We need to get a ballot proposal ready to go.

It will require work, but with the responses to the tea parties and protests at Congressional offices plus the Town Hall meetings or lack of them which upset a lot of people we should have a real head start on getting this off the ground.

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

God bless............

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