Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Thoughts Acumulated During Interviews

1) David Letterman is a sexual predator and a bully. Any boss who takes advantage of an employee is both.

2) Since when is a "surcharge" not a tax? It is an increase of an original tax which certainly keeps it in the family of taxes.

3) Olympia Snowe, said it before and will say it again, can be identified with either an I, a D or in rare circumstances, an R.

4) How can anyone consider any parallels of logistics between any of the socialist country's medical services with those of the United States relative to population?

United States - over $320 million
Canada - 38 million
United Kingdom - 65 million
Sweden - 10 million
Norway - 5 million
Denmark - 6 million
Russia - less than 150 million
Germany - 85 million
Spain - 50 million
France - 70 million +
Cuba - 12 million

Please consider the sizes of the countries as well as variations of GDP and types of industry, service economies and government levels and types.

5) Increasing the deductible levels of pharmaceuticals from excess over 7.5% to over 10%. This results in an increase in taxes, no question.

6) Taking $400 billion from Medicare is an automatic increase in costs for those presently enrolled in Medicare Advantage.

7) New taxes of $500 billion on only those making over $250,000 is not possible.

8) State of Michigan taxing all doctors 3% of their income is an abomination.

Numbers 7 and 8 will make in economic terms a change of behavior inevitable. The resulting unintended consequences will be devastating.

It was uplifting to listen to the optmism of the gubernatorial candidates, but reality hits you in the face when you get back to the real world. Watching the government in action on all levels is nothing more or less than depressing.

Hope has always been a part of the American psyche--it's time for the old college try.

God bless...........

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