Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are We Depressed Yet?

Is General Motors a viable company? With the government calling the shots on salary caps for a new CFO how much you wanna bet there will be no such company in 5 years? Have any of the Las Vegas odds makers started working on that yet? Anyone interested in a used Pontiac?

In 2011 the National Debt and the Gross Domestic Product will reach equilibrium. How does that grab ya?

So far we have 30,000 jobs to show for the stimulus package........... (Good grief! Mark Schauer said we'd have more than that in the state of Michigan with a whole bunch right here in the 7th district. Wha' happened?)

After months of saying no one whose income is below $250,000 will be taxed for the health care program, the question has changed from "will there be any tax levied on middle income folks to cover the health care bill?" to "how hard hit will the middle income bracket be?"

I thought we were supposed to have heard the last about earmarks---
A $2000 subsidy for a 77 mile airplane ride? A cab would be cheaper.....

Michigan used 5 quarterbacks in one game? Now that's really depressing!!!

Some Catholic priests just don't understand that anyone who is pro life can also be concerned about and support programs such as helping the homeless, the jobless, the marginalized in many areas and find it necessary to remind us that we shouldn't be one trick ponies.

Try to have a good "rest of the weekend" -
God bless.........

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