Thursday, October 22, 2009

Balancing Budgets...........

I wouldn't for a minute absolve the State House and State Senate of Michigan of making a mess of the state's financial status by not using a little time management and scheduling to finish a job which has always had a deadline that everyone knows about. There can be no "ignorance of the law" type of excuse here.

But I can sympathize with them when we have a Governor who does nothing but threaten to screw up everything they might suggest which kind of puts them between a rock and a hard place. it has to be the toughest job in Michigan's world to realize that anything they do is doomed to failure from the eyes of the Governor who plays politics with the tear jerking "kids from K-12 being jerked around." If ever there were a self-fulfilling prophecy this has to be it.

If the Republicans present a good idea that she doesn't like she can threaten a veto and call it playing politics and it's dead on arrival.

Wouldn't you think that as a lame duck she would finally do what's right for the state rather than what's good for the Democrats? She can't go anyplace but the U. S. Senate or wait for a juicy judicial opening so she can afford to act like a statesman rather than a politician long enough to pad her resume as above the fray and working for the good of the people.

She hasn't blown us away by any stretch of the imagination. She has played fast and loose with ethics and people's lives. And she is a buck passer par excellence. Only one more year of this nonsense, but it's still one year too long until she can be replaced by one of five candidates who have demonstrated the ability to use their talents for the good of their constituencies or business associates.

We need to be one of the states that turns from blue to red and stops the nonsense and dishonesty because we know the difference between right and wrong. We know when we have been lied to from the federal to state levels. This really has to stop.

As we've said before, sometimes prayer is the only way--
God bless.........

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