Friday, October 2, 2009

Peace at any Price?

Attended a funeral this morning at which a eulogy described Josephine as being a woman of peace and she was, indeed, a lovely person with many talents. And, as is often the case, my thought process went to what might someone say about me as far as being known as a woman of peace. I figured it should go something like this:

She was a woman of peace but well recognized that sometimes, from the smallest incident of domestic violence to a nuclear conflagration, it might well be necessary to vanquish evil before peace can be achieved.

This is a message which has been handed down through my family and one which has become my mission to pass on to the next generation. Appeasement never works--in fact--it generally makes a bad situation worse. So much time and heartache could be saved if politicians would face facts and get the job done quickly. And as my friend, the Bishop says, and all the people said Amen!

And now back to the Olympics. I have never been more pleased to be wrong. Apparently it is still not possible to "fix" the IOC which is a good thing. Let's hope that Chicago goes on to fix the problems existing with gangs, murders, slums and other problems that they would have worked hard to be sure were taken care of had they been awarded the games. Ah, the city of my birth. Do you ever wonder what your life would have been like "IF" you had grown up somewhere else or you put some other "if" in the formula? If you have time to daydream...........

I'm hoping not to disappoint, but at the current rate of returns of the interview questions sent to gubernatorial candidates things are not looking all that great.
I'll have to make some calls this weekend. Wish me luck.

Have a good weekend and Go Blue!
God bless...........

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