Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Marty Griffin - the Next Generation

When we first moved to Jackson the Representative for the city was Mike Griffin, also called Mickey. He and his wife, Janet, lived on the other side of town and were parishioners of another church. Or I should say, we lived on the other side of town closer to my husband's employment and the opportunities to interact were limited.

Mickey Griffin was a man of integrity and was a pro life Democrat who voted his conscience. I admit that I could never vote for a Democrat and I wouldn't vote for a pro abortion candidate so on a couple of occasions I simply disenfranchised myself. How times have changed.

This was a time when even though there were political differences of opinion people were still respectful of other's viewpoints and rarely, if ever, were there comments made of a derogatory personal nature. All that changed by the time of the Clinton presidency. By then Pennsylvania's Casey had been dissed by the pro abortion crowd at the Democrat convention and James Carville's at first snide and then openly nasty descriptions of Republicans became the norm and it was a "Can you top this" contest to see how just plain mean they could be.

Enter the Griffin's son, Marty. He started out actually following in his father's footsteps until the ambition to rise to higher office presented itself and he became a little arrogant resulting in turning on some of the supporters he had in the beginning of his political career. Now he tries to call himself an Independent but we can see that he votes for Democrat leadership and plays the game with great skill.

One of my friends who has lived in Jackson all his life and even though a Republican voted for Mickey, once told me that now he votes a straight ticket. His astute observation: "Marty is no Mickey."

The big difference between the Casey's and Griffin's? Young Casey still carries the same strength of character as his father and carries the pro life banner.

Twenty one days 'til the election--
God bless............

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