Monday, October 5, 2009

Surprise! Heard from 2 Candidates Today - GEORGE actually sent in answers

I'll take some blame here. Because I specifically mentioned wanting to start posting on October 5th that date was the target date for George and Hoekstra. Dr. George actually completed the interview and Hoekstra's will be in tomorrow. I will send an email to the others this evening and if they show by Wednesday they will be included.

A couple of miscellaneous notes:

More and more we are running across wind and solar power stories indicating that sometimes Mother Nature doesn't cooperate like when clouds pass in front of the sun and when the wind blows during the night when usage is down. The energy czars of all stripes are finally admitting it will be a long time before they will be able to have efficient distribution systems and count on their target percentages of supply. Therefore: we need to have backup energy sources meaning more coal fired plants, more gas and oil and once in a while we see the term "nuclear" being used.

The President appears to be not quite as enamored of the Iranian leadership as he has been. Perhaps he is figuring out they can't be trusted? Ya think?

And the Palestinians being trained by the United States so they can annihilate the Israelis just doesn't make any sense at all.

Planned Parenthood Fact #2-

They continue to be the #1 abortion provider in our country.

Fact #3-

They received over $350 million from taxpayers destroying 305,310 unborn children in 2007-2008.

Please add to your prayer list-
God bless...........

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