Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Schauer's Premature Announcement--

Caught between a rock and a hard place. I criticize the Governor for making a trip to Japan when she already knows that the teaser she put out about going after new business is a done deal, but I'm about to do just the opposite with Mark Schauer. Usually he waits until all the Ts are crossed and Is dotted before he makes an announcement. This time, in conjunction with Debbie Stabenow, he makes headlines about a grant of stimulus funds to Consumers Energy that, guess what? Doesn't come through. Do you think he will wiggle around until we blame Debbie? It will be interesting to watch.

Also interesting to watch is what's happening in Detroit with the FBI raid on the Black Muslim cell. Are those guys really so smart that they can fool everyone around them into thinking they are religious teachers who are kind, thoughtful and fine people? One of the guys they interviewed made me want to barf he was so oily and
smo-o-o-th in talking about the one who got killed after he shot the FBI dog.

These home grown terrorists are the scary ones. You have to wonder how many more of them there are.

The other thing bugging me tonight has to do with the attack on Mike Cox with some criticism of how he handled the Kilpatrick "party" and the murder of the dancer. It's one of those stories where it might be easy to believe or not either side of the argument. Or is this being done for political reasons by one of his opponents?

Only time will tell. Looks like we have a lot of time to figure that one out.

Local news seems more interesting than the mess in Washington. It's almost boring.

God bless.........

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