Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Democrats - Horse Traders Par Excellence

Have you younger people ever either heard or understood the "horse trader" term? Briefly I think it could be called extremely shrewd negotiating on just about any level including business and political. One of the ploys used is what you see going on right now with the EPA and the global warming/carbon footprint issue.

Liberal Democrats have fine tuned this to a level of blackmail or extortion by making the extreme alternative so punitive that the other side will "settle" for what they were going after in the first place, ie., Cap and Trade which punishes the entire electorate rather than just the big guys at the top.

In fact, you can see that's what they are doing with the health care bills to get the big pharmaceutical companies and others to come on board and give huge donations to help sell the bill so all of us at the bottom of the pyramid will suffer with the rationed care and taxes that we have been concerned about. A corporation is, after all, in business to make money. They have no conscience and really shouldn't be expected to act as though they do.

Back to EPA. They have now formally made an "endangerment finding" on carbon dioxide which will impose the command-and-control regulations of the Clean Air Act across the entire economy. And, according to the Wall Street Journal, because this law was never written to apply to carbon, the costs will far exceed those of a straight carbon tax or even cap and trade. So there you have horse trading rising to a level that is about to cross the line into illegal activity. It is, after all, still against the law to use extortion for ill-gotten gains.

Today's Planned Parenthool Fact #4:

This organization continues to be investigated for covering up statutory rape and defrauding the government by overbilling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Starting Governor interviews tomorrow-
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