Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trying to Winnow the Governor and SOS Fields

Sometimes it's the little things that can make a difference between Aye or Nay when it comes to choosing candidates even for very important offices. Maybe even petty.

The title tonight only mentions two races since I have long since given my support to Bill Schuette. I've known Bill for quite some time and even if I didn't it would have been easy to recognize the experience garnered by representing districts ranging from local state representation, to State Senate and thence to Congressional numbers. First met Mike Bishop when he was a State Committee member and I think he was a district chair. This means that he has always been issues oriented and dedicated to the Party, but the years of experience are just a bit short. I've never met Bruce Patterson.

When it comes to Secretary of State it is a real problem. I am totally leaning toward Anne Norlander since she is so very qualified to step into the office and not only continue the good things started by Candace and Terri but she sees the big picture and is raring to go. However, as an old party hack I always look at the electability and the electricity in the air when Michelle is around cannot be ignored. She's a qualified candidate and a vote getter. Cam Brown is a really steady guy who is enamored of politics and government in every way from historical knowledge to future dreams. A man to be reckoned with. That single issue, the police building, seems to be taking over for folks who are obsessed with that issue.
I'm just not quite ready to commit.

As for the Governor's race it's a process of elimination. Dr. George is absolutely a fascinating candidate with a slightly different take from some of the others. Only because of the lack of name recognition do I dismiss the candidacy. And whether we like it or not, the guy with the most votes wins.

Mike Cox seems to be so wrapped up in Detroit problems and his connections there that there seems to be something lacking in the overall picture. I know he has a plan, but it tends to be obfuscated by all that other "stuff."

My very first thought as you may recall was that in a field of 5 it could very well be that the four politicians would split fairly evenly 75% of the vote and Rick could take it with 25% give or take. I love the idea of a businessman who really knows economics, but I'm not sure of the people he would choose to be his assistants in different posts. I'm backing off that position.

As far as Hoekstra is concerned, I'm being really petty. Since he decided to blow off the opportunity to take part in our little questionnaire, my nose is out of joint. Not because it's personal, but because he said he would and then didn't follow through. It would have been better had he not responded at all. That I could understand and it wouldn't have bothered me.

So that leaves Mike Bouchard/Terri Lynn Land. Both of these people are impressive alone, but as a team they are formidable. Close to twenty years ago Mike came to my rescue when I needed a speaker for a silent auction event. Terry has done the same for lowly little Jackson County any number of times. I don't really have to lay out any of their accomplishments since they have always been front and center.

So there you have it. It is simply too far out to make the last two commitments--anything can happen, but without going into detail on positions on issues side by side, and being nothing but superficial it is just too early. As I said, sometimes it's the little things, so these are my little things that just may tip the scale when I get serious about this.

Have a fun, sugary Halloween-
God bless............

ps-My information on Bart Stupak was garnered from Catholic publications which had a really heartfelt reason for wanting to believe that he would adhere to the standards he was espousing at the time. They can be forgiven for being naive. As knowing a bit more about the way the game of politics is played, I should have known better. Sorry.

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