Saturday, October 10, 2009

Governor Questions #6 and #7

Question #6: Without using the Obama Mantra of "I inherited the problem," would you define what you believe is Michigan's major problem?

Mike Cox says- "Michigan's major problem is failed leadership. We have a Governor who refuses to take accountability for the problems facing Michigan. 780,000 of her fellow citizens - our brothers and sisters, our friends and neighbors - are looking for work. 465,000 of our fellow citizens have left Michigan. The working man and woman need a defender; the failed leadership in Lansing has failed the People of Michigan. The People of Michigan need a leader and a party that will stand up for them.

Our Michigan must choose: do we choose a long, slow retreat of small steps and little action or do we choose to stand up and fight? The timid have brought us to this point of despair; only the bold can lead us back to prosperity. Cutting taxes, cutting spending and freeing our people from over regulation; these are the bold steps that will bring jobs and vitality back to our State. Michigan needs leadership and that's why I am running for Governor.

Senator Tom George, MD says- "Michigan's economic demise is the result of the loss of nearly 1,000,000 manufacturing jobs this decade. In order to become economically competitive again, Michigan must invest in education, fix its business tax, and repair its infrastructure.

In the face of declining revenue, Michigan must reform its social assistance programs (Medicaid and Welfare) in order to free up the resources necessary to fund these improvements.

Rick Snyder says- "The major problem in Michigan is the economy. In addition, the leadership in Lansing has failed us. It is time for a new leadership with a positive vision for our future. Pointing fingers does not solve problems.

We need to create more and better jobs, reform Michigan's tax system, fix Michigan's broken government and create an environment that will keep our youth, our future, in Michigan.

Mike Bouchard says- "Substantial structural reform of state government is long overdue. That is the main problem for Lansing. Michigan is a great state--with unparalleled natural resources and a talented and resilient work force. But, Lansing's inability to cut spending and effectively manage what remains, as well as cutting taxes, must be the top priority of the next Governor. Not living within our current means translates to more people and businesses fleeing our great state.

Question #7: The Governor's home has been the recipient of donations to have it become a "Green Mansion" which can demonstrate the economies and advantages of going green. Considering the initial investments and years needed to recover before saving anything for the average citizen, how do you anticipate selling the public on "going green?"

Senator Tom George, MD says- "The state needs a reliable and affordable energy portfolio for both residential and commercial use. Though renewable energy sources such as wind and solar have great promise, at the present time they are too expensive to meet Michigan's future needs. The states' energy policy should include the construction of new clean coal generating facilities and nuclear energy sufficient to meet future growth."

Rick Snyder says- "Michigan needs to be a leader in the development and implementation of clean energy. As a native Michigander I know that our lakes, landscapes and natural resources are some of our most valuable assets. That is why protecting Michigan's environment is one of my Top 10 guiding principles to reinvent Michigan."

Mike Bouchard says- "Going green must be done in a smart and economically viable fashion that always includes a determination of (ROT) return on investment. They can work hand in hand as long as we understand being green does not solve any of Lansing's structural problems and if done improperly can actually crate more."

Mike Cox says-: "The public shouldn't have to be 'sold' on going green. Market forces will compel the public to 'go green' when such choices result in a benefit to the consumer."

So there we have 7 out of 10. Tomorrow we'll do 8 and 9 and Monday will bring us to my favorite question and the wrap-up. Not quite on the edge of your seat? Just wait and

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