Monday, September 28, 2009

Wanna Be Governors Answer Questions starting October 5-

We'll probably do only two a day since there are 5 candidates. The questions have to do with: the State Police building, subsidies for businesses from two angles, an automotive question, Tax or Program pledge, major problem for Michigan, going green, highest priority, personal information and King for a Day, the usual sign off.

Random comments-

Only one candidate has reacted to the Visine story.

Jennifer is at it again and wants 4000 wind turbines in Michigan. We researched that question some time ago and if memory serves, Michigan has few high wind areas. The little piece in the local paper today indicated that folks in Pigeon are already complaining about height, noise, etc. NIMBY-Not in my Backyard, right? Just happened to think--with Ted Kennedy gone, wonder if they will get turbines erected on the shores of Massachusetts now.....

Another piece on wind power indicates China wants to go from 12% to 20% wind power to supply energy, but they don't have enough grid to get the electricity to the market, so they are also building more coal powered power plants as backup power sources. Wouldn't you think in that vast country they could find the ideal spots to erect enough turbines to do the job and be able to construct the grids as well? I don't get it.

Thirteen year old grandson came up from Atlanta over the weekend to take part in the annual Youth Hunt and got his second deer. Last year's was what they call a button buck and this year's was a little larger doe. He figures he'll come back next year (his last as a youth) so he can get a buck. Ah, the eternal optimism of youth. Don't you just love it?

Not much to report as Obama has fun on his personal airplane. He just loves it.
Not much to report on the Michigan gang--do they really think they have a budget that Jennifer will sign at the last minute?

How about the straw poll surprises at the Republican Conference this weekend? Rick Snyder atop the gubernatorial contest and Paul Scott looking very respectable with a last minute entry for SOS was, if not a surprise, at least unexpected. Imagine there will be all kinds of pundits telling us exactly what it means and none of them will agree with each other.

We'll see what happens in Lansing soon enough---
God bless.............

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