Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Heads Will Roll Over Health Care?

I'm putting this up at 5:00 because I don't want to forget it when it's time to talk about "the speech" later. Just my opinion, guys, but if I were the President I would look directly at all the appropriate Cabinet members and Czars sooner rather than later and FIRE them! With all that fire power, pun intended, wouldn't you think they would be smarter than to leave him twisting in the wind as he's doing this evening?

They had all the advantages: they went to school on Clinton's putt, they have myriads of avenues to get information and support, they have a president who won with a majority (Clinton didn't, remember?) and last, they have what should be a winning issue if it's handled right but they have squandered all their assets.

The other observation on "the speech" is again my opinion, which I predict he wouldn't do in a million years: he should apologize. Were he to apologize to his adoring public for underestimating their ability to study and understand an issue and tell them that he will do better for them from this day on, they would be eating out of his hand. But he won't. His arrogance won't let him. All those Democrat legislators who were elected on his coattails have not served him well as yes men.
See you later.

Well, it's later and nothing much has changed. Same song, some different words that mean the same thing as the old. So everyone will be mandated to buy insurance. Still no penalty if they don't. Tort reform? Try a few "tests" in a few locations. Save all the money necessary through efficiency and eliminating fraud, etc. Right-- When has that ever happened in a government program? No funds for abortion? From his mouth to God's ears, but not the guys who are writing the bill. (It may have had more credibility if he said he wouldn't sign a bill with that provision.) Saying that state universities show us how to save money and using subsidy in the same sentence certainly was an exercise in futility. He'll listen to any legitimate concerns....who defines legitimate? He wants to provide a choice to the uninsured--how about providing insurance?

Still playing the blame game. His inherited debt problem--never mind that he doubled it in about 6 months. It must be in the genes of Democrats to play that game. Saying he was going to save all that money being wasted in Medicare can pay for the whole program. Now how's that for putting lipstick on a pig? All doctors and nurses support his plan. Bald faced lie!

Mr. Obama, you are going to call out Republicans? Well, I'm calling you out! Tell the truth and quit talking down to the American public. We get it.

Aside-did you see the absolutely stunning photos from the Hubble telescope? The only possible response is Praise the Lord! No way could "collections of galaxies" and absolute beauty be the result of a random big bang. No way.

God bless...........

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Anonymous said...

You could arguably say that Obama asked for the "you lie" retort by Cong. Joe Wilson. Obama used a controlled audience on prime time and knew he had his majority there for applause. He could have called an open debate type of meeting so that anyone chould challenge him. In the absence of a chance to reply to Obama, a shout is bound to happen. I'm puzzled by how the liberals couldn't take it.