Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Being the Party of NO Ain't So Bad!

In fact, it is more than totally necessary to keep the power hungry liberal elites from doing any more damage than they are already hell bent on accomplishing.

After writing about the photos from the Hubble telescope last week and the rare earth elements last night, the mind starts wandering and wondering about the accomplishments of man. And where and why we are all in the places we find ourselves today. The uniqueness of over 6 billion people on the planet starts the mind boggling and we go on from there.

Start at the top with the Creation. As we said about the space pictures, there are not enough zeroes to figure the odds against the universe(s) being the result of random big bangs. Okay, so we go down from there. The minds who actually understand the concepts of all the sciences and can teach them to others while others go to the lab to find ways of practical application. And don't forget those who go out in the field to turn over rocks to find another kind of history.

Most of us did not grow up aspiring to be philosophers or theologists, but where would we be without them? It gets a little tiring to try to include every possibility.....

The inventors are pretty darned important also. Just look around you and then think of the types of thinking that went into making everything on your desk or in your car or on the farm or the architecture of that big building or bridge that when you get in the elevator or drive your car across you are trusting you life to perhaps a long dead designer. We could go on and on.........

But let's end this one with the politicians who think they are so darned powerful and in a way they are, but when some people reach certain "lofty heights" they are really impressed with themselves and figure they know what's best for everyone else and decide to make laws so that we all march to his and his friends' drummers.

Just because most of us lead rather mundane lives the guys at the top couldn't exist without us. We need to be eternally vigilant so that we remain, in this great country of ours, in a position to help pull up the people around the world in the under developed countries rather than be forced down to lower levels by our leadership. The world is changing, but we need to use good, common sense to be sure the basics of our freedom are not destroyed in the process.

God bless..........

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