Saturday, September 19, 2009

With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies?

That can certainly be said about us as we pick them off one at a time. Now that we have decided we don't want or need as friends, the Israelis, the Poles and the Czechs, who do you suppose is next?

What's this I hear about Obama heading a UN committee? Certainly it can't be the Human Rights group? The one Libya led for a while? Well, why not. He seems to gravitate toward dictatorships. Well, no matter. If it's composed of the few friends we have he will surely alienate some of them and if it turns out to be some of the bad guys in the world we'll hear that he is turning them around. Yeah, right.

And by the way, Mr. President, the guys at the barber shop are agreed. Start the savings now! You don't need a new Grace Commission or Stop Waste and Fraud Czar to get going. You must know exactly where all the money is being wasted or you wouldn't be able to put a dollar value on it, right? You wouldn't be fudging the truth would you? Just get going! You've wasted 8 months already. Please....

And please stop saying "I will not tolerate" or "I will not permit" or "I will now allow" if you're not prepared to do something about "it" NOW--what the heck are you waiting for? Since everything is Mr. Bush's fault you need to get the ball rolling and stop sitting on your hands. Constant speeches and campaigning are not getting the job done. Two wrongs never make a right.

We know you won, you are going to pass whatever you want by Reconciliation, so get on with it. You're wasting a lot of time and that of other folks as well. We need to know exactly what adjustments we have to make to our budgets and how much it is going to cost us after your socialized medicine and rationed health care go into effect. We really need to figure out where we make our cuts and do without as far ahead of time as is possible so we get used to it and try to plan around it.

Going to put the finishing touches on the questions for the gubernatorial candidates next week. If you have any you'd like included, send them in, please.

Blue won, Green lost but hallelujah! USC got beat.

God bless..........

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