Monday, September 7, 2009

Liberal Democrat Socialist Takeover--SURPRISED?

Woke up very early this morning again thinking about the constant friction and disagreement among various political factions and then wondering why we might be surprised. It seems that since the beginning of recorded time there have been nothing but wars and races for control of either land or people or both.

Some of the first wars we heard about as little kids probably came from Sunday School when we heard about Joshua at Jericho followed by the Philistines, the Hittites, Jebuzites and all the other "ites" and David and Goliath and "fighting the good fight" and "finishing the race" and later on, in the name of religion, the Crusades.

And on farther east they have found the terra cotta soldiers who were even to do battle after death for the Chinese emporers and as we learned about world history found out there were Mongol Hordes and Japanese Samurai warriors.

Not to forget the European front the Romans were tramping all over the place while in the Western hemispheres American Indians and South American Incas and Mayans were doing their thing.

If it wasn't one darn war, it was another. And in more recent times, the Spanish settled in South America, with poor old Columbus going off course and ending up in North America which apparently opened the doors for other Europeans and Scandinavians. (This is not meant to be precise history--never my strongest suit.)

Our country was born out of war. It's no wonder most of us are proud of our heritage. Our forbears were courageous people who were fleeing religious persecution and economic repression to name what I think were the most prevalent and important reasons. Without putting it into these words, I think they were "mad as hell and they weren't going to take it any more!" Those people were put in a position of fighting for their freedom and I'd like to think it's in the genes. And we fight not only for ourselves, we fight to give other people the same freedoms that we have. I wouldn't bet the farm, but I don't think we have ever fought for land or control or booty of someone else.

Just to mention a few in no particular order, the Revolution, Spanish, Cuban, Civil, WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnamese, Sarajevo and think of the other "skirmishes" going on throughout the world in modern times. The Olympic attack at Munich, the constant mideast situations, Israel's problems........and what has been the biggest change through the centuries?

Not just the sophistication of weapons, but the means of communication. From smoke signals to runners, to horses, to Morse code, to underwater telephone/type lines and finally to our computer generated instant messaging. And with computers the ability to not only track but predict through modeling the adversaries' next moves. Along with that is propaganda and mind control and the elitists ruling the world.

I'm going to stop here--if you've followed me so far, you're ready for a break.
Happy Labor Day!
God bless................

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The Wolverine said...

Good thoughts. The wars we fight are all about freedom, never about booty or land. Can't argue with that.

Let's look forward for just a minute. I was talking to my brother who is a school superintendent, about the upcoming Obama address to the school children. All the discussion about the propaganda, I mean speech, I think is misdirected. Here's how I would help the president. Instead of intruding on an already planned day, why not make a big deal about having the speech on at 7:00 at night. I'm sure that all the NEA would agree that parental attitude, participation and support are the strongest indicators of child success in acedemics. So why not make this a family affair that centers on the family unit's approach to education.

Talk about leveraging your opportunity...I'm just sayin'... or maybe that would defeat the intended purpose, whatever that may have been.

Hey, how about Van Jones...nice job Glenn Beck. Keep up the good fight.

The Old Wolverine