Friday, September 25, 2009

First Warning! Only Sixteen To Go?

If the usual pattern is followed as with Iraq, Iran has sixteen more chances for hanky panky and fooling the free world and making us look like fools. Certainly the Obama statement isn't making them cringe. And the French and British even though they sounded stronger, certainly aren't giving Iran pause.

Let's face it, nothing has changed. It looks like we have domestic terrorists who are coming to life and we're still calling that kind of activity not terrorism, but a little insurgency. Scary, huh?

Husband and I were talking over a hamburger today about the Tea Party and protests in general. He has always been adamantly opposed to them on principle anywhere in the world. I, on the other hand, have always felt that had I no little ones at home may have joined in a march or two against racial discrimination. But who knows--the opportunity did not present.

Until now. I see parallels between the systemic discrimination in our country that needed to be taken seriously for what we than called the Negro. Think of it this way. We are looking at a systemic effort by certain elites who wish to enslave a whole segment of the American population, taking away from them the freedoms which we have taken for granted and did not see a creeping socialistic enemy getting closer and closer.

Now we have by our own vote given the power to pass any legislation to a single party and its leadership and we don't even know exactly who is pulling the strings. People appear to be willing finally to protest to try to save their children and grandchildren from certain slavery. The kind that will tell them where they will work, whether they will go to college (and what classes and careers are needed by the state,) and probably how many children, if any, they shall have, and on and on and on.

Do you think we have a chance against this party? Life and death decisions are being made by the "powers that be." The only thing I can see is that we should be spending, as one of my friends put it, a lot more time on our knees. And so we shall.

God bless...........

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