Friday, September 18, 2009

Cosby plus Carter = Racism?

The only reason I'm even bringing up this subject is because I'm thinking of another angle as is perhaps usual for me.

Granted that there is still what for lack of a better word might be called institutional racism--always been there, always will be there. And longtime readers know of my activity with the local NAACP due to the fact that there is still discrimination in the workplace. So I'm aware of some of what they are talking about.

But here's another angle: The evidence certainly shows that most of America can no longer be accused of that mindset--we have, after all, an African American President. But if there is any kind of increase, whether it be true or just in the minds of those who are looking for it, there is another reason.

Just as sports figures are role models for young people, they are also what the public sees. And now we have a very prominent example which we see on the news every day, many times several times during each day. Since there is a general distrust of what is coming from the White House, perhaps because of that constant demonstration of stretching the truth folks who have never had a personal relationship will start thinking that all African Americans are not as trustworthy as they thought they were before and during the campaign. And it certainly didn't help when Eric Holder decided those two black guys with night sticks at a polling place was not a exercise in intimidation. Good grief!

Just a thought--

One more thing: An alert reader challenged my report on Parade magazine's article about pit bulls. It was my error, not theirs, when I said "more than half" of all attacks were by that breed. I should have said "nearly half." I didn't have the copy in front of me as I usually do-I was intent on telling my personal story. Also, he was absolutely right that the fault with the breed lies in the owners and their training methods and not the fault of individual animals. My apologies.

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God bless and Go Blue........

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