Monday, September 21, 2009

Remember the Alamo!! or Is the Cavalry Really Coming??

This Afghanistan thing is one big Catch 22. It seems as though if we send enough troops to put the Taliban on the run there, they'll just cross over into Pakistan. And if we don't send anyone, they are comfortable right where they are just picking us off one at a time and maintaining a standoff. But there's one thing for sure. It's just not our style to leave the guys and gals over there without support and enough men and materiel to have a certain comfort level. So why not let the military experts make the decisions instead of a neophyte Commander in Chief and his cohorts in Congress who politicize everything they touch.

One of the clips I saw from all those interviews with the President yesterday was the one when he was again talking down to us poor, dumb constituents. The quote: "they just can't get their arms around it. I need to keep talking." It is so distressing to realize that our President thinks the country is full of a bunch of imbeciles. We can get our arms around the health care issues--only too well. I'm thinking maybe he has had blinders on for so long and has that "don't confuse me with the facts I've already made up my mind" mentality that he's the one who just doesn't get it. I feel like the parent of a teenager who is in that never never land between seventeen and twenty-two or thereabouts. So smart in some ways, but so immature in others. Sort of like the genius with no common sense.

Spent a couple of hours at a presentation by some very astute and really smart and dedicated young women at the local AWARE shelter--a shelter for victims of domestic violence. Learned some very interesting, and in my view, important stuff which I will share with you as soon as we finish with the last of the rare earth info and before we go into the gubernatorial interviews.

Have patience--
and God bless.........

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