Thursday, September 10, 2009

Self Imposed Censorship

Apparently the major liberal media outlets have done just that. We don't have to worry about censorship from the government because the media have beat them to it. Partners in crime, as it were.

I never in a million years thought I would be thankful for Rupert Murdoch. When I first heard of him I thought "tabloid." And I couldn't believe or imagine what he intended to do with my beloved WALL STREET JOURNAL. However, the integrity and complete coverage is still there, so not to worry. And if it weren't for Fox News we'd be blissful in our ignorance.

It is, however, scary when we consider that the powers that be are still working on their Fairness Doctrine issue and if we're not careful will succeed. We cannot afford to let that happen, so it's incumbent on those of us who care to mention it now and then so folks don't become complacent.

Remember when George H.W. was described as using "fuzzy math?" Well, last night certainly demonstrated that Democrats are outstanding in that area surpassing anything we may have seen so far. He was lying, as the man from South Carolina brought up, since denying anyone in this country anything that is supplied to all citizens according to the Constitution. As a Constitutional educator he had to know that. He feigned surprise rather well, however.

As far as "not a dime" added to the debt or deficit (his first promise was not a dime in new taxes) that math isn't even recognizable it's so fuzzy. And the list goes on. This is not only frustrating, but as I said a few days ago, this whole administration is heartbreaking.

God bless...........

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