Sunday, September 27, 2009

Obama-Hypocrite or Snake Charmer

A few days ago the President spoke to all the kids in the country through the school system. He then promptly turned around and made sure that the kids in DC would be unable to access a voucher system through which some were already benefiting and which shut the door on them as well as any future recipients.

And now, he is talking about lengthening the hours and days of school in order that kids would have more opportunity to learn. Does he have a clue? What's that old cliche about practice making perfect but what's the result of imperfect practice....

There are so many failing schools in this country that by having kids spend more time in them would only lead to higher failure and drop out rates. What is he thinking?

There's one more education piece of the puzzle rearing its ugly head. I never would have expected Bill Cosby who has been a strong voice of reason when talking about education and responsibility to start being a role model who is now fostering the idea that anyone who disagrees with the President is racist. What the heck is going on?

And do the 95% of the African American community who voted for him ever wonder why he is so supportive of abortion when the highest group of abortions is to be found in the black community? Black genocide, anyone?

As for his superlative rhetorical skills, reminiscent of a snake charmer, he's going to need a lot more than that to talk the Chinese and Russians who are beholden to Iran for energy needs and whatever deals they have going into taking part in any kind of economic boycott.

Call in the prayer warriors--
God bless...........

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Bruce said...

Isn't it well past time that the Democrats admitted they were wrong and got rid of the Department Of Education?
Since it's inception test scores of American students have steadily declined compared to students in other advanced countries.
Yet American taxpayers are still being required to pay for the Department Of Education ineptitude.
But hey, on second thought, maybe the Democrats want Americans uneducated, unemployable, living in poverty and dependent upon the government.
If Americans are uneducated, unemployable and living in poverty they will be dependent on Government! Bigger Government! Democrat Government!
Oh happy day!
Happy day for Democrats!