Sunday, September 6, 2009

George Will? Afghanistan? Go Home? And Then What?

The main topic on the Sunday talk shows appeared to be justifying withdrawal from Afghanistan and I sure do feel like a pair of brown shoes at a formal event. Granted I'm no military expert, and all their evidence appears to point to the futility of remaining in that theater of war, but why is no one and I mean not one of those people seemed concerned about what might happen if and when we pull out.

Some of them even seem to have convinced themselves or put a spin on some of the events leading to violence such as: one of those guys said the cause/effect of 9/11 was the use of offshore attacks against the Afghans in the late 90s by the Clinton administration. Don't they remember the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993?

All I can see is that if we pull out, it gives permission for Al Qaida and the Taliban to do as they please not only in Afghanistan, but Pakistan. The Palestinians have already elected the Hamas, for Pete's sake, so what do they think the rest of those Muslim countries will do? If some of us ever believed in the domino effect starting with Vietnam, why would we think any differently now?

And when I think of the cells already set up around the world just waiting for a word of direction from a centralized source and leader it makes me shiver. We've even identified a kid from Alabama who is working hard, and how about all of the Muslims being released from prisons in this country after conversions while incarcerated?

Don't you boomers and Generation X and Y kids always tell us geezers to think outside the box? Well, how about if this would generate a totally "double" volunteer army composed of young men and women who can see a need while some of us old people who don't have a ton of physical strength, but are still healthy and able to work in a kitchen, do data entry, filing and clerking, running errands, and store keeping and all the other really mundane jobs necessary to support the troops?
Nothing like a worthwhile job to make folks feel needed and contributing to the safety of our country. Just a thought, but it might wake up some folks to a need they haven't as yet recognized.

One last note about the President's message to the kids on Tuesday. Study hard, stay in school, work hard and respect your teachers. Now where have I heard that before? Maybe my folks said it? Maybe no one actually said it, it was just expected from everyone when they stepped across the schoolhouse threshold? Or maybe it was just a way of life and it was everyone's default position. Just like saying a prayer any old place you felt like it,

God bless............

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