Monday, September 15, 2008

UAW + Democrats = Problems for Michigan

I really don't want to paint with too broad a brush, but don't know how to differentiate between those inherently responsible for our unhealthy business climate especially in the automotive sector. Whatever the percentages are, my beef is with the leadership of the union and their political connections with the left. So, if you're an Independent and can look at the situation objectively, you are NOT part of the problem.

So many things have come together at this particular time. Such as: why is it that the foreign auto makers who have plants in this country can be healthy and profitable but Ford, GM and American parts of Chrysler are going to Washington hat in hand looking for assistance? Could it be that they aren't held hostage by the union?

Now, don't give me a history lesson-I realize how necessary unions were and some of the advantages to all workers gained through their activities, but they have long since superseded their general usefulness. The leadership is much like a tail wagging a dog so they can maintain their 6 figure salaries and the teachers and public employees have gone to school on their methods so that the general membership really has little influence or options.

Just as some years ago I drove through a couple of automaker parking lots and was horrified to see nearly as many, and in some cases more, foreign made cars than American made I'm now wondering what the count is at the parking lot of the UAW head-quarters.....or the MEA lot...........or the various service sector lots.

And as an aside that probably not too many people know: when Lee Iacocca got government money, took his $1 a year salary and made a big show of paying back the government on time, there just wasn't enough interest in the fact that Hotshot Lee put many small Chrysler suppliers out of business because they couldn't wait for 90 to 120 days and more for payment of their invoices.

So there's enough blame to go around (yes, perhaps the automakers should have taken strikes through the years rather than capitulate for things like GM having folks go to "work" which includes sitting in a room reading newspapers, doing crossword puzzles or just shooting the breeze) but one character is missing.

While the UAW and the Democrats are still working hand in hand and support Obama's "economic justice" (his euphemism for redistribution of wealth)concept while trying to change the State Constitution via a ballot proposal, they just can't seem to get enough power to satisfy themselves.

The one place which is pretty much blameless in this scenario is the Republican Party. If Independents can't see what is happening and work to stop this conspiracy, Michigan will be hard pressed to recover.

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