Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nine Eleven

At my age the "big" memory is December 7, 1941. For many of you, especially the first of the baby boomers and those close to them it's JFK's assassination. And for all of us 9-11-01 is a cataclysmic event which has changed not only the way we live, but the way we think and our total worldview. Coupled with the increase in longevity and the decrease in affordable energy (not to mention other problems--these are enough) we have neither the time nor the resources to spend either, without coming to some agreement on how our nation is going to proceed. Partisan politics is the battleground and it looks to me as though the first thing we have to decide is whether we continue with our present form of constitutional government or do we continue the slide into socialism and even further cradle to the grave lifestyles.

So for the next 7 1/2 weeks we will address the issues which will influence the future of America and your families and mine. If you post a comment which will aid the dialog, we will certainly recognize its validity, but it needs to be logical, sincere and somewhat original--or like a patent, something added to the original which will make it something new or different enough to make us think about it.

Most of us have uttered prayers today for those personally affected by 9-11 and in so doing we have prayed for the future of the country as well. In that respect we are all on the same page.

See you tomorrow

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