Monday, September 22, 2008

Patriotism? Taxes?

Did I hear this right? It's patriotic to pay taxes? How about it's even more patriotic to voluntarily give money to help the poor that Biden talks about learning during his parochial school days? This coming from a guy whose tax returns show around the 1% mark for charitable deductions and his running mate around 2% or is it the other way around? No matter. It's indicative of a fairly selfish attitude and should be an area of concern for people who want to run on the love and generosity platform. (And don't give me the old Gore line when he was brought up short on the same topic. He said he wanted to remain anonymous. Well, guys, wouldn't you think that if you were in the highest tax bracket you would want to take the deduction so you would have just that much more to give? This makes their business sense suspect as well as their generosity.)

So for a ticket that felt they had to defend their patriotism they would be more careful than to compound the problem. This sets them back a bit, doesn't it?

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ps-when speaking of racism a day ago, I should have made it clear that the racism labels were started by the Obama campaign during the primary and they are carrying it through to the general. They manufactured it as an issue--I think it's called reverse psychology. No racism intended but if they accuse someone of being racist they have put someone the defensive. Heard today there was a study which indicated the Obama campaign was the dirtier.

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The Wolverine said...

often overlooked in the Rev Wright fiasco was the fact that Obama gave $22000 in one year to the church. Of course that was the same year that his book made $4 million. You do the math. Hardly a tithe. No se puede!