Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Knee Jerk Reaction

This economic problem is big. No doubt about it. So is the new economic rule "the bigger the problem the quicker the reaction?" Wouldn't you think that all the experts and the media plus the man on the street would think it prudent to take even a few minutes, let alone a few days, to sit back and ponder the potential of acting so quickly that unintended consequences become the answer and compound the problem?

And buried amidst all the rhetoric is the news that shortly before the Wall Street thing exploded we heard that Barack Obama was in favor of writing a check for just about half a hundred billion dollars to the UN to help the poor of the world. At least there is the high potential for the mortgages to be paid back and we'll break even over a period of time. Money given to the UN goes directly to the despots who govern the poorest countries in the world and the population sees little, if any, benefit. And we, as well as the world, have lost in the process.

Nary a peep was heard from the likes of Carl Levin who was just on the radio bemoaning the fact that there is no oversight. Sen. Levin is in Washington to serve, right? Doesn't he hear or see some of the stuff going on? Oh, well, he must be focusing all his efforts on his military responsibilities. It seems he is just interested enough to criticize. Where was he when toilet seats were going for $700 and screws for $11 each?

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