Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Confessions of a Blogger, or, Life Gets in the Way

When I started this I made myself a promise that I would post every day--it's not fair to bore anyone with repetition, but as they say, things happen. Mea Culpa.

Also, I had really looked forward to doing this since folks like us enjoy a dialog on things important in our lives which in this case is politics and government. When dozens of responses were not forthcoming the first couple of weeks I thought perhaps I'm being redundant and unnecessary, but we're going to hang in here. I should know by next week how to upload some of the videos done for this purpose.

Today let's talk about something very personal which may or may not appeal to most of you no matter whether you attend a church or not. And whether you happen to be a part of a Catholic church. In my case, I do. So you can understand why it drives me nuts to have politicians, over 90% of Democrat U.S. Senators (I haven't counted the House members but figure it's about the same) who claim to be "practicing" or "ardent" Catholics can ask others to support their pro abortion positions and platform.

My favorite analogy for describing their attitudes of not personally pro abortion, but it shouldn't be legislated: Suppose you and others stand by and watch a parent beat on a kid in the parking lot with a baseball bat. Do you really look at each other and say "Gee, I wouldn't do that to my children" or do you run, not walk, over to the guy and wrestle the bat from his/her hands?

Science has caught up to the church as to the question of the beginning of life in that we now know that a heartbeat is discernible early on and surgery is performed in utero. This is pretty basic stuff these days but this is enough for today.

It would behoove legislators such as Mark Schauer and Barak Obama, not Catholic, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, Catholic, to use a little logic instead of power broking political reasons to vote to kill.

See ya tomorrow-Promise


jenanddane said...

Don't get discouraged about the lack of posts - we are nodding our heads "yes!" as we read, just don't take the minutes to post. You are doing a good work - jen

"Andrew" of Jackson, MI said...

Don't worry about no comments! Just keep going on! Your doing a great job.

I you have any questions feel free to ask me! Just leave a comment on my blog: www.backtotheconstitution.org