Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor, Weather, Convention

The first thing I saw in this morning's paper was a short piece on the fact that 29% of those over 65 are still working and of course it's because the sky is falling. I beg to differ. Wouldn't you like to see a breakdown of that number? Think of all the people who: work because they enjoy their jobs and have good health; work because they want to add to their retirement savings; work because they don't have any other interests; and last, work because they didn't start saving early enough (which might be most of us?) or the market is down or -- due to whatever reason they have no savings at all and never intended to retire.

Just don't forget that in 1935 when the retirement age was put at 62/65 the average life expectancy was 63. It is now 77. Duh!

When thinking about New Orleans hurricanes why is the first picture that comes to mind the one of the fleet of school buses with water up to the wheel wells not being used by the mayor to evacuate citizens? And then, of course, the following days and weeks of agony for not only New Orleanians but those who could only watch helplessly with their only recourse being writing a check in an attempt to help. The Corps of Engineers, the politicians, the disaster teams and even those who refused to leave 3 years ago have all gone to school on the first catastrophe. Wonder who the Dems will blame this time?

The Michigan delegation to the Republican convention is organizing a blood drive as we speak. We have over 2000 activists in St. Paul this week who will all be working to make sure that the opportunity to help in the hurricane efforts will not be wasted. They had all planned to spend a few days having a good time and they certainly will--there is no better feeling than to know you have helped someone in need.

See ya tomorrow.

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