Sunday, September 21, 2008

Schauer Stipulations

Delusions of grandeur or what? The regional AARP which covers the 7th district in Michigan some time ago invited Mark Schauer, challenger to Congressman Tim Walberg, and the Congressman to participate in a political forum.

Tim Walberg quickly responded that he would be glad to take part while the Schauer campaign played a delaying game which included the really strange stipulation that they would like to have some forums take place in Grand Rapids and Toledo, Ohio, among others which are about 75 miles outside the district. Why? Then just recently they said they would participate if the AARP could guarantee national press coverage, certainly an impossible assignment. Does this sound like they really want to take part in any forum, panel or debate?

The University Women of Battle Creek, also in the 7th district, received an affirmative response. Do you suppose they have guaranteed national media coverage?

This just seems weird. Can anyone think of even one remote reason why this would make sense?

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