Monday, September 29, 2008

Fundamentals of Economy

I just have to add this after the bailout vote. Nancy Pelosi is going to trip over that Pinocchio nose of hers-it just boggles the mind how everything is the Republican's fault. She has no concept that anyone in this country has a triple digit IQ and thinks she can say anything and get away with it. If she and Harry Reid were so adamant about the original bill or today's effort, they have the majority and could pass anything they want. Nancy, what is the old saw? 'tis better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and prove it.

And on top of that, she doesn't even know better than to call herself an ardent Catholic who has studied an issue for a long time and then come up with a definition of when life begins that is so "out there" that the bishops were forced to make a statement and they are generous to a fault and let most politicians get away with anything short of murder. Oops--that's what abortion is and there are some in the church who are not quite sure about that. Oh, well. The Ultimate Judge, not Nancy, gets my love, respect and vote.

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This week's Off the Record show featured economist Patrick Anderson, a fella I've always considered extremely credible. Lost in the shuffle of name calling and ridicule by the Obama camp over McCain's statement that our economy is fundamentally sound are the actual facts such as: this country still makes things that people both here and abroad buy, interest rates are low, inflation is low, and unemployment (except in Michigan) is at acceptable levels.

So over 90% of the population is working albeit sometimes at 2 jobs and those same people are making their mortgage payments on time. Consider that illegal immigrants and folks with income too low to have saved their down payments have been given mortgages and keys to their new homes without having met loan requirements. This makes everyone look bad, but we need to look at the true rather than the big picture.

Within the next few days we want to address the immigration issue as it has affected our economic picture plus other issues having been eclipsed by the economic bailout.

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ps-Absentee ballots will be going out within the next few days. REMEMBER! In Michigan you have not finished voting until you vote for the Supreme Court nominee
Cliff Taylor.

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Big Mark said...

Nancy P. has blamed the Republicans for the failure of the bailout bill this afternoon.
I guess she did not realize that 95 of her colleagues voted it down as well.