Thursday, September 18, 2008


I accessed the PBS website today and watched a video of Drew Western, a clinical psychologist, who has written a book "The Political Brain" during which he indicated that Obama should use the term 'a doctor for every family' rather than 'universal health care.' Remember the other day when we spoke about the AARP bemoaning the shortage of doctors and how they really wanted a national (Hillarycare) health system? This is just a continuation of that topic so we need to be aware that it is now coming at us from all sides.

Please always remember that socialized medicine is rationed care.

A couple of other stories which are uplifting rather than the reverse. Today at a McCain campaign stop a grieving mother who had just lost her son in Afghanistan spoke to him as did an injured military man back from Iraq who had lost three of his friends. It's amazing to me that in those trying circumstances they felt it important to attend a political rally and approach a politician. It certainly speaks to how heroes find common ground.

And last, a pretty simple story of common sense and American ideals. I was in the barber chair this afternoon and a young fellow came in to wait his turn. He got up and left to go outdoors to answer his cell phone. When he returned I noted, loudly enough for him to hear, that his parents must have taught him good manners and that I'm not sure that my kids who are scattered over the country do the same thing. One thing led to another and I learned he was a firefighter. I thanked him for his service and must say left feeling that the future is in some pretty good hands.

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