Thursday, September 18, 2008

7th District, Michigan

I hope you never hear his name again, but we have a challenger of our 7th District Congressman known as Mark Schauer. He's your old school political machine type who knows how to take big PAC dollars, put it in his own "educational" PAC and then re-distribute it to other Dems so he has paid for their allegiance and they do his bidding.

Right now he is defending one of his many votes for increasing taxes by saying it wasn't his vote, but the Democrat Lt. Governor who broke the tie who is guilty. Does he really think his constituents are so stupid they can't figure out that had he not voted for the increase, there would have been no reason for a tie breaker? Duh!

This is a guy who does nothing but attend meetings, schmooze and then take credit for the work that the locals have spent months and months putting together for the development of plans for jobs, education, roads and any other effort you might think of.

This is a dangerous man when you put him in the machine with Obama, Pelosi and all the others in Washington. He never met a tax he didn't like, votes for late term abortions--you know, all the liberal ideas in the box.

See you tomorrow

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