Friday, September 12, 2008

AARP/Socialized Medicine

Rec'd my AARP monthly bulletin this week and of course they are bemoaning the fact that there are not enough general practitioners available to those of us who need medical attention. I haven't read the entire piece, but I don't have to in order to make the point that they need to take some of the responsibility such as: don't they remember when Hillarycare was attempted early in the first Clinton term? AARP couldn't get on board fast enough, but guess what. Their "membership" caused such a ruckus that they backed off. They figured if they lost many of the threatened memberships it would hurt their bottom line. So, they lived to fight another day and this is that day.

I'm not sure what the exact amount is at this date, but generally AARP is the recipient of nearly $100 million per year from the government, yes, your tax dollars at work. They apparently do just enough research to justify this as a government service. Right.

Don't get me wrong. AARP actually does a good job on their primary business: insurance. But how is it that they are still considered a non-profit? And how is it that they can spend the kind of money they do in advertising and lobbying efforts? Any other business would consider much of what AARP does as co-mingling. Not a flattering description of their business practices.

So those of you who are entering that phase of life where you are looking forward to getting senior discounts should be looking at any organization you join with a clear view of their goals and what you will get for your money.

See you tomorrow.

ps-wondering why I belong to the organization? I'm as mercenary as many. The company from which I retired pays a portion of my medical program, but the company they deal with is AARP and I need to belong to AARP to have their insurance. That's also how I know that the insurance program is good.

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