Thursday, September 25, 2008

Paraphrasing not Plagiarizing

I couldn't have put this any better. An Economics professor at Duquesne wrote in a letter to the editor of a financial newspaper in reference to Joe Biden's interpretation of Jesus' admonition to give to the poor. His take is that this is not the same as taking in the name of the poor.

He goes on to mention that the "poor" are mentioned in the four Gospels 21 times.
They are mentioned in "fact" 4 times, called blessed 6 times and receiving the good news as a group, and 11 times instructed to give to the poor. Not once was instruction given to take in the name of the poor.

He then indicates that the Gospels actually tell Joe Biden to give more than 0.2% of his income to the poor. He is not giving Joe Biden or anyone else license to steal from others.

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