Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debate - Same old, same old

I watched the tape today to be sure I remembered correctly and frankly, it was as much ado about nothing as it was last evening. I'm as sure as I can be that nothing that was said would change anyone's mind had they already favored one candidate. And since most of us don't know how Independent's minds work, how can we be sure how it would affect them?

So we're back where we started, just a few days later. We'll just wait and see how the gamesmanship over the economic problem shakes out. No change in Obama's non-proliferation position except that he now acknowledges there may be some "loose" weapons available to rogue nations and Russia may be a problem but he's sure he can charm Putin out of more violence. He also says we need to worry not about what can come from the skies, but what might come in via a suitcase. (Then there was a little backtrack about danger from missiles?) We need to go to Afghanistan as he has said before and before and before, but we really should be using the money wasted in Iraq on pre-school education. What????

At this point with Nov. 4th looming ever nearer, we vacillate between thinking there is nothing more we can do at the grassroots and getting charged up and spending time at the Victory Centers making those Get Out the Vote phone calls. All we can do is ask that all of us seriously think about the fact that just one more contact in each precinct in the country (as has happened before) may spell the difference between living under the Constitution or sliding into socialism and less and less personal freedom.

See you tomorrow

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The Wolverine said...

The way I look at what happened in Oxford is that I wasted 90 minutes of my life. But I did it with eyes wide open as I know there is nothing Barry can say that would change my mind concerning him. HOWEVER, I just about went nuts listening. As the great communicator His constant use of "and" to connect two unrelated thoughts had me climbing the walls. I know good communicators and Mr. Obama is no Rondald Reagan.

I found some solace in the fact that Mr. McCain constantly reminded all how naive Barry is. Another example of this is Barry's non-chalant attitude toward the economic issue. While we dn't need some knee-jerk reaction, it does require some focused effort, regardless of whether or not presidents should be able to handle more than one thing at a time.

Let's hope Sarah cleans Biden's clock.

Hey, how about them Angels!